During the SuperBowl, the Coca-Cola Company aired a commercial to promote their brand as every other mega corporation who has a few million dollars to blow on a 30 to 60 seconds of television airtime. It was a nice commercial titled “It’s Beautiful” in which American people did American things…

I loved that Coke commercial. It presents a united front, and the hope that peace can be achieved. And as long as people are talking about how American they are, let me throw my America at you. “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.”
For those who have problems with African-Americans, need I remind you that WE forced their ancestors here against their will? Or for those of you with limited vision when it comes to the Middle-East, not ALL of them are terrorists. They’re victims too. I admit, I don’t see perfectly eye to eye with EVERYONE in my life (who does), but the thought, the idea, the dream… And maybe that’s all it is, a dream.
I’m not totally ignorant, I know that there will always be those who hate, and there will always be war in the world. But I can dream just as well as those who lived 200 years ago. That America is a land of FREEDOM and EQUALITY.
So my opinion in a nutshell… God Bless America, and God Bless Coke-Cola!